Online Interactive Educational Software for Learners of English as a Foreign Language.
About Oogly Boogly

Oogly Boogly is Online Interactive Educational Software for Learners of English as a Foreign Language.

Created by Tim and Dave with additional music from
The Magic Crayons this game arose by simply noticing children's enthusiasm when playing computer games in the classroom.

In Tim and Daves classes they tried a number of off the shelf educational software titles but none were at the level they required. Too often the games, although visually interesting at times, appeared not to have been written with input from practicing Teachers. Likewise, some games were written by teachers yet lacked game play or engaging graphics.

Tim and Dave are both experienced CELTA qualified teachers and part of
The Magic Crayons, making music for young learners of English.

Tim also runs
Upfader Records selling his own remixes and chart topping songs from others, has produced and presented radio programs for Independent Radio and the BBC, and has been producing Educational Materials for schools for many years, and is a Design graduate.

Bradley is a Professional Musician as well as an outstanding teacher.

Dave too brings many skills to the game. He too is part of
The Magic Crayons, writes and performs songs with The Simones, and has programmed for many renowned games companies.

Due to the wonderful and unexpected success of
The Magic Crayons this Game project is not advancing quite as fast as we would like. However, the graphics are still being used to create free teaching flash cards and other merchandise.

We appreciate you trying out our game and any positive feedback will spur us on to complete this project.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your support.

The Oogly Boogly Team.

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Game Soundtrack Available Now!
Kindergarten days of the week song

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Customer Comments

‎"Noteworthy New Album from The Magic Crayons"
iTunes, Australia.

"Great job! I had a lot of fun with the videos, this will help me a lot with my kids at the daycare. And surely we'll have a lot of fun".
A.T. Yokohama, Japan.

"Been playing that 'Days of the week' song to one of my students in Ogikubo. The ending is genius..."
A.R. Japan.

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