Tim - Graphics, Sound FX
Dave S - Songs, Animation, Programming
Bradley - Songs

All three are members of
The Magic Crayons, producing superb songs for all young learners of English.
Tim Smith is from England.

His home town is Birmingham, which is the biggest city after London. Its famous for Cadburys chocolate and curry. He has been in Japan since 2004 and I still enjoy it. I love the weather, food and beautiful old temples.

He is currently working as the
English Language Program Coordinator at www.Super-Sensei.com. In his spare time he listens to a lot of music. His friends are in a rock band called The Simones, who will be very famous one day! When they play live shows he often DJs for them.

Please do say hello if you see him and have fun learning English !

Dave Seward has been playing guitar and singing in The Magic Crayons since they started in 2008.

He came to Japan from England in 2004 and have never looked back. He loves Japan and the people there, and I has been working as a kindergarten teacher of English to Japanese children all that time - and still loves the job!

He loves playing music and live shows with the Crayons, so hopefully he will see you at the next show! Thank you.
Bradley Bennett Is from Dallas, Texas.

He hopes to be the Keith Richards of the band, though he is not as cool as him...but there is always the future.

He has been teaching children and adults in Japan since 2005. He now runs his own teaching company in Tokyo.

Children singing his songs is a fantastic experience. He hopes to see you singing soon !

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Kindergarten days of the week song

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Customer Comments

‎"Noteworthy New Album from The Magic Crayons"
iTunes, Australia.

"Great job! I had a lot of fun with the videos, this will help me a lot with my kids at the daycare. And surely we'll have a lot of fun".
A.T. Yokohama, Japan.

"Been playing that 'Days of the week' song to one of my students in Ogikubo. The ending is genius..."
A.R. Japan.

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